Septic Systems

Installation License

We are licensed to install new septic systems or to repair your existing septic systems in the following Counties

  • Columbiana
  • Carroll
  • Mahoning


The Process

Most septic systems are designed for your own individual lot based on lot size, soil types, restrictions and the number of bedrooms in your house.
To determine soil type we need to come out onto your property and dig some test holes with a soil scientist to have the soils classified.
The following steps are what you need to take in order for the planning of your septic system:

  • Call us to Schedule a time to come look at your lot for your proposed septic system or repair
  • We then contact the Health Dept. of your County to set up a site evaluation and to obtain a site evaluation permit.
  • Test holes including on site soil testing.
  • Estimate of cost to install or repair your system based on the above evaluation process.
  • Draw a scaled drawing of your entire lot including layout of all your existing and proposed buildings, any restricted areas, well placement or water source and proposed septic system.
  • Apply for an installation permit.
  • Install system as proposed on drawing when soil conditions are favorable.
  • Inspection from county after installation is completed but prior to backfilling.
  • Cover entire system and properly grade area.
  • Submit an as built scaled drawing.
  • Enjoy using your new system or repaired system.



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